Mission Statement

The River Oaks Economic Development Corporation mission is to improve quality-of-life for the citizens of River Oaks by attracting new businesses, expanding or retaining existing businesses, and strategically investing in projects that support business development in the City of River Oaks.

What is Economic Development?

Economic development creates the conditions for economic growth and improved quality of life by expanding the capacity of individuals, firms, and communities to maximize the use of their talents and skills to support innovation, lower transaction costs, and responsibly produce and trade valuable goods and services. Economic development requires effective, collaborative institutions focused on advancing mutual gain for the public and private sector. It is also essential to ensuring the economic future of the City of River Oaks. Source: U.S. Economic Development Administration


The EDC meets the second Monday of each month to consider projects to promote business and jobs in the City of River Oaks. Meetings are open to the public.